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Free Gourmet Ice Cream Onboard JetBlue When You Fly Mint

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Free Gourmet Ice Cream Onboard JetBlue When You Fly Mint

Here’s another great reason for you to fly Mint class onboard JetBlue. The airline is now serving a wide range of gourmet ice cream, depending on where you are flying out from.

Prepare to enjoy a scoop of “locally curated ice cream” whenever you take a flight onboard JetBlue Mint from Boston, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. This way, you get try interesting flavors from various artisanal ice cream makers in the country as you fly.

“These are the local artisanal ice creams you wait in line for on a hot summer night, not the industrial dairy dessert products that you’d find in other premium cabins,” JetBlue Vice President of Marketing Jamie Perry pointed out in a recent statement. For some time now, the airline’s Mint program has been working tirelessly to bring “the best ingredients and scrumptious sweets to our customers.” And right now, they have managed to find gourmet ice cream purveyors that would surely impress anyone’s demanding palate.

Artisanal ice cream awaits JetBlue Mint passengers.

Right now, there are five artisanal ice cream companies that are working to cater JetBlue’s Mint passengers. If you happen to be departing from JFK, you can expect some great ice cream from Blue Marble, JetBlue’s Mint partner since 2014. The company specializes in making organic ice cream. Flavors available include Blueberry, Mexican Chocolate, Strawberry, Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla and more.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be departing from Los Angeles, you’ll be able to try some great ice cream from Coolhaus. This ice cream company started as a food truck back in 2008. Soon, it’s frozen treats have become a cult favorite. Expect “sweet-meets-savory flavors” such as Buttered French Toast, Coffee Oreo, Candy Cap Mushroom, Chocolate Chipotle and more.

If you are flying out from San Franciso, then you can expect a scoop of ice cream from Double Rainbow when you fly JetBlue Mint. This award-winning ice cream company has several addictive flavors, including Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel, Black Walnut, Butter Pecan, Ultra Chocolate, World Serious Brownie and more.

On the other hand, JetBlue Mint passengers departing from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood will get to try some ice cream from The Frieze. The company has been in the business of serving up great frozen treats for 30 years. It’s known for flavors such as the Banana Rama Ice Cream and Indian Mango Sorbet.

Last but not the least, JetBlue Mint passengers departing from Boston can expect ice cream onboard from Toscanini’s. The company has been a Boston favorite since 1981. It specializes in flavors like the Berry Sorbet and B3 or brown butter, brown sugar and brownie.

Fly JetBlue Mint now and enjoy some artisanal ice cream inside your very own private suite.

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