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Freak Porsche Accident Kills Baby Girl

Freak Porsche Accident Kills Baby Girl
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Freak Porsche Accident Kills Baby Girl

An infant has died while two adults were badly hurt when a two-seater Porsche fell from a 200-meter cliff on the side of a road in Palm Desert, California on Sunday morning.

The infant was identified by the Associated Press, via Mercury News, as Armani Green. Local police are currently investigating the reason behind the accident as the luxury car has only two seats, and it’s highly likely the infant was sitting in the lap of the person sitting on the car’s passenger seat.

The incident, which happened around 8 a.m., local time, has caused major traffic congestion after the closing of the entire highway 74 in both directions. The same highway was later opened to motorists around 2 p.m. Sunday.

According to a report from local newspaper Sun, the posh car was traversing the Palm Desert when it hit a road barrier before falling from the 200-meter deep cliff. Emergency and police responders saw the lifeless body of the five-month-old infant near the crushed Porsche.

“It does appear speed was a factor. A few people climbed down there and talked to them,” California Highway Patrol officer Stephanie Hamilton told the Sun.

The police is currently pursuing an investigation as to why the infant was traveling with a man and a woman in a car made for only two persons. They believe that the child was not properly restrained, which could have contributed to her untimely death.

The identity of the two adults, who were airlifted to the nearest hospital, remained unknown as of writing. It wasn’t clear as well whether the man and the woman in the car were the child’s parents. According to the police, the woman sustained a serious injury in the back, while the man’s injuries seemed less severe.

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