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Frank Ocean New Album ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Release Date Update: Fans Done With Lies!

Frank Ocean New Album ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Release Date Update: Fans Done With Lies!
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Frank Ocean New Album ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Release Date Update: Fans Done With Lies!

Frank Ocean is breaking a million hearts! He promised to release his new album “Boys Don’t Cry” in July and hasn’t delivered yet!

Fans are pretty mad at Frank Ocean, who hasn’t made good on his promise to bring out his new album in the month of July. It is already the end of the month and there are no signs of any new album release!

Rarely do you see an artist trending on Twitter, for something that he apparently forgot to do. But that is exactly the reason Frank has suddenly become so popular in the social media. People are freaking out and calling the singer a big fat liar for not keeping his promise.

Frank Ocean New Album 2016

After his first album, “channel ORANGE” cooked up a storm back in 2012, it has been nothing but crickets from Frank Ocean, except of course the brief teasers of his new project “Boys Don’t Cry”.

The glimpses and spoilers on his new album have been going on since 2013. There have been rumors about the release dates, Tumblr posts and what looked like a single from his new album. But it has been 3 whole years and still no album, reports Complex!

Frank Ocean Disappoints Fans

After getting people pepped up by his Twitter post that put the release date of his album within July 2016, Frank and his album have been a no show. Now people are getting impatient. Some of them have even started openly chastising him for deliberately lying to them, reports Complex.

“Frank said his album was dropping in July and guess what it’s August and there’s no album I am done with frank ocean” wrote a user, while another wrote, “Frank Ocean makes me feel like that dumb girlfriend who keeps going back to her boyfriend after he cheats I still have so much hope”.

Till Frank decides to finally launch “Boys Don’t Cry”, take a look at the list of music tracks that are going to be featured in his new album:


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