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Frank Ocean New Album 2016 ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Reportedly Confirmed

Frank Ocean New Album 2016 ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Reportedly Confirmed
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Frank Ocean New Album 2016 ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Reportedly Confirmed

Finally, Frank Ocean has a new album “Boys Don’t Cry” and will be shipped out this very month! At least that is what he hinted.

It can be remembered that Frank Ocean’s second album has been highly awaited since July 2015, which is the date the artist promised the fans the album would arrive — initially.

Since then , there have been a series of false alarms and little hints and there, but nothing as concrete as we have now.

Frank Ocean Second Album: July 2016

The second album “Boys Don’t Cry” is said to be released July 2016.

Even though Frank Ocean did not put his fans out of their misery by specifically saying it will indeed drop this months and on exactly what date, he posted a mysterious image of a library slip on his website that can be taken as a positive sign that the long wait may soon be really over.

Under the words “due date” on the library slip, there is a series of dates starting with July 2015 and ending on July 2016. The day of the month is smudged so that fans are still left wondering.

Frank Ocean Second Album: “Boys Don’t Cry” 

The post’s URL interestingly has the word “late,” which Variety magazine claimed is an indication that Ocean actually know about how long his fans have been waiting for “Boys Don’t Cry.”

Back in March, Frank Ocean’s producer already claimed that the highly awaited album could drop “at any moment,” even hinting that it could be that month.

“When he’s ready, the world is gonna get it,” he told Pitchfork. “It could be tomorrow… well not tomorrow but maybe a month [laughs]. We’ve all been working hard. He’s been working super hard. I feel like he’s working harder than he’s ever worked in his life. I’m excited for everyone to hear it. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised, for sure.”

Frank Ocean’s first album “Channel Orange,” dropped in July 2012. In 2013, he received six Grammy awards nominations, including album of the year, record of the year and best new artist.

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