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Frank Ocean ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Apple Music, Spotify Release Date Update: August Confirmed – Report

Frank Ocean ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Apple Music, Spotify Release Date Update: August Confirmed – Report
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Frank Ocean ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Apple Music, Spotify Release Date Update: August Confirmed – Report

Frank Ocean’s new album “Boys Don’t Cry” is finally happening! Though it got a bit delayed than originally promised, it is “reportedly” and “definitely” releasing on 5th August!

Frank Ocean has been trending on twitter for the wrong reason, that is, not delivering on his promise. He had been dropping hints all over the internet which made people believe that his next album is going to be released by July 2016.

Believe it or not, he had been keeping people on the edges of their seats solely based on this promise for 3 whole years! So naturally, when July 2016 came and went and there was no word from Frank regarding his album release date, people felt betrayed and angry.

A torrent of hate comments followed on Twitter with most people voicing the same opinion – They can never trust Frank Ocean or his promises ever again.

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As startling as it was, there was no immediate response or apology from Frank regarding his failure to meet the deadline for his much-anticipated album.

Finally, on Monday, reports Independent, Frank Ocean posted a weird video which displayed two benches and some white noise in the background. The only hint that the fans could get from the cryptic video was an Apple logo on the top right corner.

The New York Times has confirmed what the fans had been suspecting after Frank’s video release. Frank Ocean’s “Big Boys Don’t Cry” will be released on 5th August and will be exclusively available on Apple Music for 2 weeks! It is also expected to be available in a printable form in the retail stores of Apple.

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As to the news of “Big Boys Don’t Cry” releasing on Spotify or other streaming mediums, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Frank Ocean shot to fame with his debut album called “Channel ORANGE”, which received multiple Grammy nominations and Frank even took home the award for the Best Contemporary Urban Album.

Let’s just hope that Frank Ocean really delivers on his promise this time and does not disappoint his fans like last time.

For the latest Frank Ocean News please stay tuned in to this site.

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