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Francois Hollande Leaked Quotes: Paul Pogba, Other Muslim Footballers ‘No Values,’ Islam A Problem

Francois Hollande Leaked Quotes: Paul Pogba, Other Muslim Footballers ‘No Values,’ Islam A Problem
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Francois Hollande Leaked Quotes: Paul Pogba, Other Muslim Footballers ‘No Values,’ Islam A Problem

Does French President Francois Hollande secretly hate Muslims? Some leaked quotes suggest that he considers Islam a problem.

As if the U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump wasn’t racist enough, now news are beginning to circulate that the President of France, Francois Hollande cannot tolerate Islamic people in his country.

Citing the example of the famous French-born footballer Paul Pogba, who currently plays for the Manchester United Club, has been described by Hollande as one of the “guys from the estates, without references, without values, who leave France too early”.

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The quotation was revealed in a new book called “A President Should Not Say That…”, and includes many such anti-Islamic speeches from the French President, reports The Guardian.

All the speeches can be traced back to a private conversation that Hollande had soon after he was elected back in 2012.

Hollande was also of the opinion that the international French football team was going through a bit of an identity crisis due to the fact that “fragmentation, an ethnicisation” exists within it, reports Daily Star.

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The fact that Hollande called Pogba an illiterate, and someone who is psychologically unprepared “to know the difference between good and evil” is shocking.

Pogba is one of the highest paid footballers in the world at present and has often been praised for maintaining perfect discipline on and off the fields.

There are many Paris-born Muslim footballers who are making their country proud today.

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The sole reason that Hollande did not extend his support towards mass immigration was that he thought “there are too many arrivals. It’s true there’s a problem with Islam, it’s true. It’s not in doubt.”

Hollande even dragged the political symbol of the French republic into his anti-Islam rant.

He said that the mythical female figure, Marianne, who is represented on the French national flag can very well be replaced by a veiled woman (an Islamic woman wearing a Burqa) soon.

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