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France Declares War: Second Air Strikes On Syria Launched As WW3 Feared

France Declares War: Second Air Strikes On Syria Launched As WW3 Feared
France – Air Force Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet E E85 / 8/F-UGFF (cn E85) and E152 / F-UHRT (cn E152) Gian Marco Anzellotti / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-/2.0


France Declares War: Second Air Strikes On Syria Launched As WW3 Feared

France declares war and has launched a second massive air strike against Syria in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

French President Francois Hollande has declared war against ISIS following the series of attacks the haunted the country capital and the world last week.

On Tuesday, France declares war further on with the fresh air strikes against the Islamic State. According to military spokesperson, Colonel Gilles Jaron, the new air strikes destroyed a training camp and a command post.

This is the second air raid launched by France in what seems to be part of the President’s vow of destroying the group of terrorists that killed 129 people in Paris late Friday evening. They launched their first attack on Sunday.

The US has been working with France following the Paris attacks, reports Irish Independent.  US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has met with President Hollande to discuss strategies that will be effective in containing ISIS or ISIL.

Financial Times reported that President Hollande asked for an emergency meeting of the UN  Security Council. After the APEC Summit, the French President will also be meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barak Obama. This is part of the rumored unification of the two countries in an all-out fight against ISIS and other terror groups.

President Putin has condemned the downing of a Metrojet flight from Egypt to Russia, which killed 224 passengers. ISIS claimed to have set a bomb as retaliation to Russia’s meddling the affairs in Syria.

There is now a massive manhunt for the eight suspects in the Paris attacks. Sarah Abdeslam, a 26-year old Belgium citizen, has escaped the border after the attacks and remains at large.

France is currently under a state of emergency. In the same Financial Times report, the President has requested the state of emergency be extended to three months.

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