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France Accepts Syrian Refugees Despite Recent Paris Attacks

France Accepts Syrian Refugees Despite Recent Paris Attacks


France Accepts Syrian Refugees Despite Recent Paris Attacks

France accepts Syrian refugees all the more. The country says it will keep its doors open to refugees, remaining true to its values.

The Paris attacks, coupled with the bombings in Lebanon and the recent crash of a Russian airliner, have left the world a bit unsettled. In light of this, several states in the U.S. have said that they now oppose President Barrack Obama’s plan to welcome as many as 10,000 refugees into the country by next year.

However, despite being a recent victim of terrorists who may have gotten into the country by joining a group of refugees, France says it will keep its doors open to refugees. So France accepts Syrian refugees carrying on and remaining true to the country’s values.

France will accept more Syrian refugees over the next two years

During an interview with ABC News, French President, Francois Hollande had reiterated that the country will continue to accept migrants and refugees even as the country is in the process of healing following the recent traumatic and deadly attacks on its capital. Hollande explained that “France will remain a country of freedom.” In fact, the French president had declared that as much as 30,000 refugees will be welcomed into France over the next two years.

And to ensure the security of the country as this happens, the President says that there will be vigorous security checks in place for refugee resettlement.

Following a series of deadly terror attacks, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres has stressed that “asylum and terrorism are not compatible with each other.” Moreover, the UN refugee agency has also warned that refugees must not be turned into scapegoats.

Meanwhile, France is showing defiance in the face of terrorism by gradually resuming its daily life. People are now returning to work and schools while also taking the time to sit down in cafes, restaurants and bars. As Hollande had said, “Life should resume fully.”

France recently experienced a tragic terrorism act with the Paris attacks that happened last week killing 129 and injuring more.

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