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This Four-Year-Old Decided To Keep A Cop Company For Dinner

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This Four-Year-Old Decided To Keep A Cop Company For Dinner

Lillian is a sweet little girl. While out with her parents at Panera Bread on a Saturday night, she decided to hang out with a cop having dinner to keep him company. After all, Lillian did not want him to eat alone.

Sgt. Steven Dearth of the Hingham Police Department was ordering dinner at Panera Bread when he first saw Lillian. “I was waiting for my food to get ready and I saw this little girl and she looked at me and smiled and I smiled,” Sgt. Dearth recalled. According to the officer, Lillian’s father carried the little girl over. They exchanged high-fives. Afterwards, Sgt. Dearth gave Lillian a “Jr. Police Officer” sticker. Dearth thought that was it, but it turns out Lillian had something else in mind.

Lillian enjoyed spending time with Dearth, asks him for a playdate.

Dearth proceeded to sit at a table and eat his meal. As he did, Lillian decided to make her way to the table as her parents watched. Upon seeing her again, Dearth motioned for Lillian to sit and join him. And that is how the officer ended up having a special, unexpected date one Saturday night. It’s safe to say that Lillian enjoyed her impromptu date with the police officer. “We talked. She asked if I had a police car and toward the end of the dinner she said, ‘We should have a playdate in a few days,'” Dearth recalled to Inside Edition.

On the other hand, Dearth added he was especially touched to see how a young a child like Lillian was comfortable around an officer like himself. “The whole time she never turned around to look at her parents. It was amazing to see a child that was that comfortable around a uniform police officer,” he explained.

After their cute date in the restaurant, Dearth took the time to show Lillian and her father his police car parked outside. Dearth and Lillian took a photo together before they parted ways.

As for the the play date, it seems Lillian’s wish is coming true. According to Dearth, Lillian’s mom, Nicole, plans to take Lilian to the police station. It seems this is the start of a really adorable friendship.

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