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Four New Apple Watch Videos Focus On Features

Four New Apple Watch Videos Focus On Features
Apple Watch Shinya Suzuki/Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Four New Apple Watch Videos Focus On Features


Image from Flickr by Shinya Suzuki

Now that people have reserved their first Apple Watch, believed to be delivered within a short period of time, they are eager to know how to operate it. A new collection of Apple Watch videos launched by Apple will put to light the device’s various features.

Apple is keen to let people utilize their watches to their full capacity; thus, the video shows how to make calls, ask directions to Siri and more. There is a navigation guide in the video list apart from other additions.

The phone call video shows how to receive calls on the Apple watch. The video also provides a demonstration of using Siri for making calls from the watch. The video caters to different mechanisms of making calls.

Apple also shows how to play music, as well as how to select tracks for the music player. It is to be noted here that the watch comes with 2 GB space for music.

There is a separate guided tour for using Siri. This tour will let users know how to use apps just by using one’s voice.

The guided tour for maps will show how to find different locations. The app comes embedded in the Apple Watch.


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