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Four Dead Bodies Found In NYC, Thanks To Cronuts And A Dog

Four Dead Bodies Found In NYC, Thanks To Cronuts And A Dog


Four Dead Bodies Found In NYC, Thanks To Cronuts And A Dog

Due to the craze over cronuts (hybrid of croissant and donut) in New York City lately, police have found at least four dead bodies in the city in just four days.

All four dead bodies were found in different public parks around the city between Friday and Sunday. One was found when a man walking his dog dragged him toward a dead woman’s body, CBS2 News reported.

Dog Finds Dead Body

According to Kendale Golson, he doesn’t have an idea it was a dead person’s body until he tried to rouse the woman. The 35-year-old victim remained unidentified as of writing. Her face was covered with a blue rag and a white sheet when the body was found.

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“At first I didn’t know if it was a lady or not. I figured maybe they were asleep,” Golson was quoted as saying by the CBS 2 News.

In a separate report from Patch, three more bodies were found in different parks within the metro. One body, which was found on Friday in Vesuvio Playground, caused the rerouting of a line of people waiting for cronuts.

Business As Usual

But the incident did not hamper New Yorkers to have a taste of the donut and croissant hybrid. One witness, according to the report, noted that the line was not even interrupted, nor did people leave the line when it was diverted.

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Local police found the dead body of Andrew Lang, 47, early morning Friday lying on a bench on Spring and Sullivan Streets. The New York Police also found two more dead bodies across the city over the weekend. Authorities are still conducting investigations to ascertain the cause of deaths.

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