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Who Is The Founder Of ISIS? It’s Barack Obama, Says Donald Trump

Who Is The Founder Of ISIS? It’s Barack Obama, Says Donald Trump
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Who Is The Founder Of ISIS? It’s Barack Obama, Says Donald Trump

Donald Trump is in the spotlight once again after saying that Barack Obama is the founder of ISIS. This is latest in a series of inflammatory remarks in which the Republican presidential nominee suggested that president Obama sympathized with the terrorist organization.

The controversial statement was made on Wednesday at a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. According to Trump, ISIS is honoring President Obama also adding that the president founded the Muslim terrorist organization.

CNN reported that Donald Trump didn’t stop there. He went even further as to suggest that his opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, is the co-founder.

The Real Donald Trump

The Republican nominee has been known for his inflammatory statements and somewhat erratic stand on politics. Trump, who used to be a donor to Clinton, now calls her “crooked” Hillary and openly attacks her policies.

According to the LA Times, this includes her supporting the War in Iraq. Interestingly, Trump himself was recorded saying that he supports an invasion, despite recently stating twice that he had opposed it.

Trump has used the War in Iraq to discredit Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration. The decision to withdraw from Iraq was ordered by President Obama and is also regarded as the main reason why ISIS gained a foothold in the country.

Trump’s disdain for President Obama can probably be traced as far back as the 2008 presidential elections. He was a prominent member of the “birthers” who questioned then Sen. Obama’s American citizenship.

His statement regarding the president being the founder of ISIS comes moments after saying that the Russians seized Crimea under Obama’s watch. Trump made sure to use the president’s full name Barack Hussein Obama, indirectly suggesting that the Christian president is actually a secret Muslim.

Remarks made by Donald Trump, including the latest accusing Obama as the founder of ISIS, are always open to interpretation. Ultimately, it is still up to the voters to decide whether to buy into his rhetoric or not.

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