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Fort Worth Murder-Suicide: Toddler Sole Survivor Of Parents Martha Kate Wiant And Jeremy Wiant (See Photos)

Fort Worth Murder-Suicide: Toddler Sole Survivor Of Parents Martha Kate Wiant And Jeremy Wiant (See Photos)
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Fort Worth Murder-Suicide: Toddler Sole Survivor Of Parents Martha Kate Wiant And Jeremy Wiant (See Photos)

A recent murder-suicide in Fort Worth, Texas had left couple Martha “Kate” and Jeremy Wiant dead. Their daughter was the only survivor of the horrific tragedy.

“My dad shot my mom,” said the Wiant’s young eight-year-old daughter to a 911 operator. The phone was handed to her by Kate when she could no longer speak with them due to injuries.

Kate Wiant Dead After Being Shot By Husband Jeremy Wiant

Fort Worth Police said that Kate called 911 to report that she had been shot. Next door, the couple’s neighbor Wilson Toledo also heard the Wiant’s daughter screaming on Sunday. He rushed towards the front yard. When he got there, the child told him that his father had shot her mother. She also said that her father shot himself afterwards. Kate later died in the hospital as a result of her injuries.

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According to a report from CBSDFW.COM, Fort Worth Police are yet to formally identify the victims in the murder-suicide. However, Texas Wesleyan University confirmed that Kate was the female victim in this tragedy. Kate worked as a Lead Reference and Instruction Librarian for the university.

Kate Wiant Dead: Mother Was A Beloved Member Of The University

Following news of her death, John Veilleux, Texas Wesleyan University’s vice president for marketing and communications, issued a statement to Star-Telegram saying, “Martha ‘Kate’ Wiant was a beloved co-worker and friend who was cherished across campus by students, faculty and staff. She always went above and beyond to help others and had a true passion for reading, books and education. Our hearts are with Kate’s family and many friends.”

Meanwhile, friends and colleagues also mourn Kate’s sudden death. Joy Melody Woods, a former student assistant at the university, said, “The campus and the world won’t be the same. RIP Miss Wiant.”

At the same time, Kelly Cameron, a lecturer at the Department of English and Women and Gender Studies at the North Dakota State University, posted a message saying, “Kate Wiant, you were my best friend in Texas and you deserved much better. I love you.”

Since the murder-suicide, it was revealed that the Wiants had filed for bankruptcy back in April. Records show that they owed money from $100,000 to $500,000 to 50 creditors. Kate was the sole income earner in the family as Jeremy was a stay-at-home dad. The couple was due for a court date on their bankruptcy next month.

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