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Formula 1 Rumors: Sergio Perez Moving To Ferrari, Replacing Raikonnen – Report

Formula 1 Rumors: Sergio Perez Moving To Ferrari, Replacing Raikonnen – Report
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Formula 1 Rumors: Sergio Perez Moving To Ferrari, Replacing Raikonnen – Report

Finishing in the podium of a recent grand prix certainly has its benefits. For Force India driver Sergio Perez, it means finding his name linked to one of the biggest teams in Formula 1 today. Rumors aside, is it possible that young Perez will make his way to Ferrari soon in order to replace Kimi Raikkonen?

During a recent interview, Perez declared, “I am at the top of my game right at the moment. I have improved a lot as a driver since I came into Formula One.”

The Mexican driver didn’t hesitate to point out that if he was given the chance to be behind the wheel of a “competitive car,” he can absolutely show the Formula 1 world what he can do. He likens this possible opportunity to the circumstances that paved way for Max Verstappen to move up to Red Bull then win the Spanish Grand Prix.

Perez said, “If Max hadn’t had the opportunity – first his ‘schooling’ at Toro Rosso and now his chance at Red Bull Racing – he wouldn’t have won!”

So it’s possible that he sees financially ailing Force India as a stepping stone to something bigger.

According to a report from Autoweek, recent words from Perez’s father seem to have hinted that there are bigger things ahead for his son. In fact, there is supposed to be news coming out ahead of the upcoming grand prix in Montreal. This led some to suggest that Perez might be announced as Raikkonen’s replacement at Ferrari. Nonetheless, others believe the news is nothing more than Force India striking a sponsorship deal with Heineken.

As for Ferrari, there is no indication the Maranello-based outfit is looking for a new driver to serve as Raikkonen’s replacement. The Finn’s contract is expiring next season, but Raikkonen doesn’t look like he is looking to retire. For starters, he prefers the way his Ferrari is driving this year than the last. He has also won a number of podium finishes, which tells he’s still up to the task of winning.

Meanwhile, when asked about Sebastian Vettel’s future teammate at Ferrari next season, Sports Mole reports that Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene said, “We have the ideal pairing, with both of them pushing forward. What more do we want?”

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