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Formula 1 News: Toro Rosso To Retain Sainz For 2017, Ricciardo Thinks He Can Be In Austria Top Five

Formula 1 News: Toro Rosso To  Retain Sainz For 2017, Ricciardo Thinks He Can Be In Austria Top Five
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Formula 1 News: Toro Rosso To Retain Sainz For 2017, Ricciardo Thinks He Can Be In Austria Top Five

Toro Rosso says Carlos Sainz will remain with the team for the 2017 season. Red Bull has confirmed that they had decided to take an option that would extend Sainz’s contract. This means he will be staying with Toro Rosso for the upcoming season.

As for his teammate, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said, “I think Dany [Kvyat] is continuing his development, you can see he is finding his feet now, and there is not an obvious candidate knocking on the door at the moment that would warrant that seat.” It’s safe to say Kvyat will be staying. too.

Daniel Ricciardo believes they can be in the top five in Austria. Ricciardo’s race season may be sometimes frustrating, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe he and his team can perform in the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix. He said, “We haven’t had the results we would like there in the past but I think we’re coming there with our best package yet so hopefully that can put us up into the top five.”

Ferrari looks to conduct another halo test during the Austrian race weekend. When it comes to the halo, it seems Ferrari isn’t satisfied yet. According to a recent report from Motorsport, the Maranello-based team has already come up with a new version of their halo and is set to test it when the team arrives in Austria. The team has confirmed that one of its cars will be going out to the track with the Halo 2 on Friday.

Nico Hulkenberg says team is looking strong for Austria. The Force India driver believes that the team’s luck in the European Grand Prix will turn around when the race gets underway in Austria.

According to a report from The Checkered Flag, Hulkenberg said, “I had a great race in Austria last year and have a good feeling about this weekend. The car is working well and we’ve taken a big step forward since the start of the year so there is the potential for another good result.”

Jolyon Palmer rants against Lewis Hamilton’s criticism of current team radio restrictions. Unlike Hamilton, it seems Palmer believes that radio restrictions are entirely a good thing. After all, it keeps racing in the front of the grid from being rather predictable.

According to a report from The Telegraph, Palmer explained that the Barcelona race would not been as exciting if there were no communication restrictions in place. “In Barcelona when Nico [Rosberg] is in the wrong mode and Lewis [Hamilton] gets a run, they crash. I imagine he could have been told before in the old rules he was in the wrong setting at the start and it would have made it all very neutral, a Mercedes one-two, boring race,” he said.

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