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Formula 1 News & Rumors: Mercedes Might Replace Alonso With Rosberg, Ricciardo, Says Verstappen A Good Motivation At Red Bull

Formula 1 News & Rumors: Mercedes Might Replace Alonso With Rosberg, Ricciardo, Says Verstappen A Good Motivation At Red Bull
Fernando Alonso


Formula 1 News & Rumors: Mercedes Might Replace Alonso With Rosberg, Ricciardo, Says Verstappen A Good Motivation At Red Bull

Mercedes looking to replace Nico Rosberg with Fernando Alonso during 2017 season? One thing seems to be clear. Should Rosberg, the current number one in driver standings, opt out of Mercedes for the coming season, Mercedes will turn to Fernando Alonso to take his place.

According to a report from Sport 360, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said in an interview, “But if Rosberg does not want to renew, then we will consider other options, like Fernando. His age is not a problem – his speed and his motivation are still there.”

The Spaniard has tried to negotiate with Mercedes in the past, but according to Wolff, the deal with Lewis Hamilton meant that they could not negotiate with other drivers. “We promised Lewis that while we tried to renew his deal we would not talk with other drivers and we did not,” Wolff explained.

Daniel Ricciardo says Max Verstappen coming to Red Bull is a good motivation for him. The Aussie believes that the young driver joining him at Red Bull is an absolute good thing.

“It’s definitely a good motivation. I said when I joined Red Bull and I came up against Seb [Vettel] that I wanted to come up against the best and challenge myself. Now Max is the newest challenge for me and I think he’s a big one,” Ricciardo explained.

For his part, Verstappen has proven that he can win a race when he delivered his first Formula 1 victory for Red Bull during the Spanish grand prix. It was his first race with the team after he switched places with Daniil Kvyat who moved back to Toro Rosso.

Sebastian Vettel to head soccer team in honor of Michael Schumacher. The great seven-time world champion is still on Vettel’s mind when he joins a number of other athletes during a charity soccer game on the eve of the Monaco Grand Prix.

During the upcoming Champions for Charity game, Vettel will serve as the captain of the Nazionale Piloti team, which is made of other drivers. “We usually have a lof of fun playing soccer, and of course it means something very special to us to play in honour of Michael,” said Vettel. They will play against a team led by NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki, according to a report from ESPN.

Meanwhile, Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm, has said that the match serves as a little thank you to fans who have continued to support Schumacher throughout his recovery.

McLaren says they will be the team to beat Mercedes. Watch out, Mercedes. McLaren boss Ron Dennis said that his team is set to become the new Formula 1 constructor champion. According to a recent interview with BBC, Dennis believes that the technical competence of the team and the power of its Honda engine can mean that they can soon become the next dominating force in Formula 1.

Renault to debut upgraded engine when the race goes to Monaco. The team is excited to come to Monaco with some engine upgrades. Originally, the team had planned to use the new engine in Canada, but Renault engine chief Remi Taffin said, “If we can get the units together and completely validated by Monaco, we will use the ones available at this race.”

It remains to be seen which of the Renault drivers will get to use the new engine during the upcoming Monaco race. However, the lucky driver would most likely be Kevin Magnussen, who currently outranks Jolyon Palmer in this year’s driver standings.

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