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Formula 1 News: No Mistakes In Monaco For Mercedes, Alonso Leads F1 Drivers To Soccer Victory, & More

Formula 1 News: No Mistakes In Monaco For Mercedes, Alonso Leads F1 Drivers To Soccer Victory, & More
F1 – Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton Jake Archibald / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Formula 1 News: No Mistakes In Monaco For Mercedes, Alonso Leads F1 Drivers To Soccer Victory, & More

Mercedes insists there can’t be any mistakes when the race comes to Monaco. The Monaco Grand Prix is just days away, and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes the team can’t afford to make any. According to a report from BBC, Wolff remarked, “We cannot afford to drop the ball so we must remain united and strong, and hit back hard this weekend.”

The team was hit hard during the recent Spanish Grand Prix, which saw Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg crashing into each other during the opening lap of the race. This ensured that the team didn’t score any points during the race. This also meant that defending world champion Hamilton fell to third place in the driver standings as Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen took second place.

Meanwhile, Rosberg remains at number one, enjoying a 39-point lead from Raikkonen.

Alonso and team of F1 drivers score victory during a recent charity soccer match. The race may be happening soon, but that doesn’t mean F1 drivers can’t have fun a little soccer game, especially when it’s for charity.

Recently, McLaren’s Fernando Alonso decided to trade his helmet for a soccer jersey to captain the Nazionale Piloti team during a friendly game against the Star team, captained by Monaco’s Prince Albert II. In the end, Alonso’s team, made up of some F1 drivers like Max Verstappen, Carlo Sainz, and Felippe Massa, won the All Stars XI games with a 3-1 score. And yes, a report from Daily Mail confirms that the boys got a trophy.

Nikki Lauda says Rosberg is not moving to Ferrari. If it’s up to Formula 1 legend and Mercedes non-executive chairman, Rosberg isn’t going anywhere. Lauda insisted that things are “under control” when it comes to retaining the services of Formula 1’s current number one driver.

Lauda told Autoweek, “Why would Rosberg go to Ferrari when Vettel has been there already for two years and knows everything about the team? In that case he would always be second.”

Romain Grosjean to pay tribute to the late Jules Bianchi with special helmet during the Monaco Grand Prix. Bianchi remains in Formula 1’s mind, especially for Grosjean who recently moved from former Lotus team to Haas. For the Monaco Grand Prix, the Frenchman announced he will be wearing a helmet bearing Bianchi’s face and number as a tribute to a young racecar driver who was gone too soon.

Daniil Kvyat would have “outscored” Daneil Ricciardo this year. As he continues his racing career with Toro Rosso, Kvyat is insisting he could have done better than Ricciardo had Red Bull kept him as their other driver this season.

He told Autosport, “I was matching and beating Daniel, I scored more points than Daniel and it would have been the same this year again.”

As for reports claiming that his move to Red Bull was too early, the Russian said, “All the things about a ‘too early’ approach are bullsh*t.”

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