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Formula 1 News: Mercedes Aware That Red Bull & Ferrari Are Closing In, Kvyat Had ‘Boring’ Canada Race

Formula 1 News: Mercedes Aware That Red Bull & Ferrari Are Closing In, Kvyat Had ‘Boring’ Canada Race
Daniil Kvyat at the 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix Dave Jefferys / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0


Formula 1 News: Mercedes Aware That Red Bull & Ferrari Are Closing In, Kvyat Had ‘Boring’ Canada Race

Mercedes team says they are aware that rivals Red Bull and Ferrari are closing in on them. They may be winning races, but Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is aware that there are teams continuously closing in on them. Recently, he told Sky Sports, “The speed of both the Ferrari and Red Bull is pretty much where we are now, as demonstrated by the battle between Nico and Max late in the race.”

Even Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg admits that the said teams are now “very close” to their own pace. Now, Wolff is determined to focus on Baku which is a “power sensitive track.”

“It will get very interesting there,” he said.

Daniil Kvyat says the Canada Grand Prix “was quite a boring race.” The Toro Rosso driver isn’t much of a happy driver these days, considering his last race was boring. He told The Checkered Flag, “Unfortunately, I spent most of my race stuck behind a car and in traffic… Luckily the next race is just around the corner, so we can start thinking of that straight away and forget about today.”

The young Russian driver also said it was hard to fight with Force India’s Sergio Perez for the last point in the race since Force India was “just that bit faster.” Kvyat finished 12th in the Canadian Grand Prix and failed to score points.

Hamilton is stunned at how quickly he was able to cut Rosberg’s lead. One reigning champion is happy although surprised at his recent race victories and how these have managed to cut Rosberg’s lead significantly. Today, Hamilton still ranks second in the driver standings, but he is now just nine points behind from Rosberg.

The Brit told Autosport, “But you know Nico’s going to continue to push, I’m going to continue to push – I feel great in the car for as long as it stays together, so I don’t see that strength diminishing.”

Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull still need to “clean some things up” after a frustrating Canada Grand Prix. It was another frustrating grand prix for Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo, and the Aussie believes there’s a lot of room for improvement.

“We’ve got to clean some things up on Sunday,” he told Motorsport. He also said his misfortune at Montreal was due to not being able to utilize clean air. “Basically we were behind a car most of the race, and using the tyres unfortunately not in the best way, always in dirty air, so we couldn’t really make an impression.”

Fernando Alonso clarifies his “stop” remarks. The Spaniard wants to make one thing clear. He wasn’t looking to retire from the race. Rather, he asked, “Can I stop now” because he wanted to know if he can pit even if the team had instructed him to stay out in case there are opportunities on the track he could capitalize on.

Alonso told GP Update, “I enquired about the possibility of fitting fresh tires for the last few laps. But I guess it was a little too much of a risk: at that point we were 11th and stood to score a point or two at the end if something were to have happened ahead of us.” Alonso finished eleventh in the Canadian Grand Prix.

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