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Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton Emerges Victorious In Monaco, Daniel Ricciardo Feels ‘Run Over’

Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton Emerges Victorious In Monaco, Daniel Ricciardo Feels ‘Run Over’
F1 – Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton Jake Archibald / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton Emerges Victorious In Monaco, Daniel Ricciardo Feels ‘Run Over’

The victory drought is over for Mercedes driver and reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton. At the Monaco Grand Prix, Hamilton took to the checkered flag in spectacular fashion to score his first win of the 2016 Formula 1 season. And while the Brit is out celebrating, Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo who took second place admits he is not pleased with his race result.

In the beginning, it looked like Ricciardo was poised to take the victory as he started the race from pole position alongside Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg. But as some would know, the Monte Carlo circuit tends to be unpredictable, even more so when the track weather switches from wet to dry.

This year’s Monaco race started wet and behind the safety car. After seven laps, the safety car finally pulled out of the track, allowing Ricciardo to start stretching his lead away from Rosberg. For his part, Rosberg wasn’t having a good race as he struggled with his cars. On lap 16, the team finally told Rosberg to let Hamilton, who had been stuck in P3, pass through. After this, Hamilton went after Ricciardo.

Ricciardo would have continued to lead the race had it not been for a pitstop. Red Bull needed to change the Aussie’s tires into supersofts. Normally, these stops are relatively fast, but this time around, Red Bull suffered a communication issue with their driver. This mean that when Ricciardo arrived for tires, they weren’t ready.

As Ricciardo exited the pit lane, Hamilton managed to defend the lead. His actions were questioned at first; stewards soon ruled that Hamilton’s actions were legal. Afterwards, Ricciardo never got close enough to challenge Hamilton for P1 again.

Following the race, Ricciardo said, “From the outside, we put on a show but it shouldn’t have been as exciting as it was – two weekends in a row I have been screwed.”

Meanwhile, Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko said they will investigate what happened. For the moment, all they can do is apologize to their Aussie driver. “I feel really sorry [for Ricciardo]. All we can do is apologise to him,” Marko said.

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