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Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton Admits Radio Ban Will Prove Tough

Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton Admits Radio Ban Will Prove Tough
F1 – Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton Jake Archibald / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Formula 1 News: Lewis Hamilton Admits Radio Ban Will Prove Tough

As the 2016 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne gets closer and closer, reigning Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton admits the race will be tougher with the new radio communication ban in place.

The whole point of limiting the radio communication between drivers and their crews throughout the race is to give the driver greater influence and control on the outcome of every race. It will make every driver more “self-reliant.” However, Hamilton believes the new rule will also make things “ a lot harder” for all Formula 1 drivers.

“It’s a big change and whether or not I agree with all of the implications I think it’s definitely going to make it a lot harder,” Hamilton explains. He also said that the new radio communication ban would having to “memorise a lot more things” and figuring out to ways to “try to remember them.” It may even possible that he’ll sue stickers on the car’s steering wheel.

Meanwhile Mercedes AMG Petronas team boss Toto Wolff seems to have the same sentiments regarding the new rule. According to, he says that with the ban, drivers will be more prone to make mistakes and even, wrong strategic decisions. With regard to his team, he also believes that the radio communication ban will only serve to intensify the already tense rivalry between his drivers, Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. For Wolff, not being to relay much to the drivers on the radio will mean that “direct competition between the two is guaranteed and will be more intense.”

Recently, Formula 1 announced that there will be a limit on radio communications in order “to make things less predictable and to introduce the possibility of human error.” What is still allowed to be communicated on the track during the race, however, are communications pertaining to track conditions, track dangers, critical car problems, problems in rival cars, marshalling flags, race cessations and instructions received from race control regarding the driver.

However, teams will no longer be allowed to instruct the driver to run through the pit lane, discuss car balance, switch it off, conduct radio check or go to the back of the grid.

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