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Formula 1 News: Hamilton Insists He’s Still ‘Quicker’ Than Rosberg, Mercedes Admits To Car Woes In Russia

Formula 1 News: Hamilton Insists He’s Still ‘Quicker’ Than Rosberg, Mercedes Admits To Car Woes In Russia
F1 – Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton Jake Archibald / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Formula 1 News: Hamilton Insists He’s Still ‘Quicker’ Than Rosberg, Mercedes Admits To Car Woes In Russia

Lewis Hamilton believes he is still “quicker than Nico.” The reigning world champion is refusing to give up on becoming this season’s Formula 1 world champion despite the fact that Nico Rosberg has won the first four races of the season, finishing first since the last three races of the last season.

Truth is, there may be reason to stay optimistic as of the moment. After all, the season is far from over, with several races in the calendar to come, including the Spanish Grand Prix in a week. During a recent interview with the Daily Star, Hamilton said he’s, in fact, still feeling “more relaxed” lately.

“There are 17 races to go and I’m sure there will be more to come from me and the team, so we’ll twist it all in our favour.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Rosberg is not planning to take it easy despite his cushy lead from Hamilton in the driver’s standings recently. He told Autosport that becoming the world champion “is completely not worth talking about yet, at this point in time.”

Rosberg expects Hamilton to bounce back. “I’m sure we’ll see more of the battle between us. It’s always going to be tough against him,” he said.

At the same time, Mercedes recently admitted that they ran into problems with both of their cars in Russia. In an open letter to Formula 1 fans, Mercedes admitted that the team was having problems with not just one, but both of its cars during the recent race in Sochi.

Hamilton was the first casualty of engine issues when the same problem that affected him in China ruined his qualifying round in Russia. Meanwhile, Mercedes said that during the race, they noticed “some alarming behaviour” from Rosberg’s car. The said car was even running in a “safe” setting during Rosberg’s penultimate lap.

On the hand, Hamilton found his car with zero water pressure during the last 16 laps of the race. The team has found it “remarkable” that the reigning world champion had managed to “nurse the car home and still retain second place.”

The team hopes that things on both sides of the garage turn better in the upcoming race. Nonetheless, Mercedes is aware that they cannot be certain of this. According to the team, “This is a mechanical sport, balancing on the knife edge of performance and endurance. you have to push the boundaries and failures can happen.”

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