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Formula 1 News: Drivers, Fans No Say In Rules – Former Driver Jacques Villeneuve

Formula 1 News: Drivers, Fans No Say In Rules – Former Driver Jacques Villeneuve


Formula 1 News: Drivers, Fans No Say In Rules – Former Driver Jacques Villeneuve

For 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve, Formula 1 drivers should not have to give inputs when it comes to rules involving the sport. Instead, they should just “shut up” and drive.

Villeneuve’s comment was made just weeks after the Grand Prix Drivers Association released an open letter to Formula 1 stakeholders, followers and fan that insisted changes to the sport are necessary. The letter, which was penned by current F1 drivers Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel along with Alex Wurz, had pointed out that recent rule changes have been “disruptive.” At the same time, the said changes have also failed to “address bigger issues” that may put the sport’s future in jeopardy.

Moreover, the open letter also stated that drivers believe that the current decision-making process in Formula 1 is “obsolete and ill-structured” as it “prevents progress from being made.” They also urged that the future of the sport “should be based on a clear master plan.”

Recently, there has been disagreement along the grid with regard to the new qualifying format that was introduced during the first race of the season in Melbourne where a driver is eliminated every 90 seconds throughout the three qualifying sessions. Much to people’s dismay, the same format was used during the weekend in Bahrain amidst negative reactions in Melbourne. Meanwhile, Formula 1 has decided to look into reverting to the 2015 qualifying format for the upcoming race in China.

According to Autosport, Villeneuve believes drivers have no business interfering with F1 decisions. He said, “They should just shut up. It’s not their problem how good or bad the show is on TV. They should just get on with their job.” Meanwhile, Villeneuve also says that the decision to revert to the old qualifying format in time for the China race is “OK.”

Villeneuve had lost his father Gilles back in 1982 when he was killed while behind the wheel of a Ferrari Formula 1 car. Nonetheless, the was determined to enter the sport and ended up racing for Renault, Sauber and BMW before moving on to other racing sports such as NASCAR, Speedcar, Le Mans Series, TRV6 and Andros Trophy.

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