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Formula 1 News: Ferrari Gets Engine Upgrade For Canada Race, Ricciardo To Fight Hard For Win In Canada, & More

Formula 1 News: Ferrari Gets Engine Upgrade For Canada Race, Ricciardo To Fight Hard For Win In Canada, & More
Scuderia Ferrari Michael Elleray / Flickr cc by 2.0


Formula 1 News: Ferrari Gets Engine Upgrade For Canada Race, Ricciardo To Fight Hard For Win In Canada, & More

With the Canada Grand Prix just around the corner, Ferrari has decided to use three tokens in order to give its cars an engine upgrade. The said upgrade is primarily aimed at the car’s turbocharger, which is needed to be at its absolute best in order to be competitive in the fast straights on the Montreal circuit.

“There are long straights, very tight hairpins, and very slow corners, where the acceleration delivers all the power you may have,” explained Mattia Binotto, the head of Ferrari’s Power Unit department. According to a report from, this leaves the Italian team with three more tokens for the remainder of the season.

Daniel Ricciardo promises to fight hard in Canada. The Monaco Grand Prix may have left Ricciardo very frustrated, but that doesn’t mean the Aussie Red Bull driver is willing to give up on his dreams of getting a race victory this year just yet.

Ricciardo is currently in New York, enjoying some downtime. He told Fox Sports, “You’re going to see the same intensity that you saw in Monaco. I plan on keeping that up and not letting anything else get in the way.”

“Top Gear” fans want Jenson Button to become a host. Fans of the hit automotive show are sounding off. They want Mr. Shouty a.k.a. Chris Evans out, and they want none other than McLaren driver Button to become his replacement. It seems the Brit’s appearance on the show has been received so well that now, they want him to become one of the hosts along with “Friends” star Matt Le Blanc.

In response, Mail Online reports that Evans proclaimed, “I’m going to get even more shouty.”

Red Bull and Toro Rosso teams look to expand cooperation efforts. It looks like the two teams will be working more closely in the upcoming Formula 1 season. This is because Toro Rosso has decided to make a return to using a Renault power unit, like Red Bull.

According to a report from Autosport, Toro Rosso technical chief James Key believes this will mean the two teams will be able to share technology such as gearbox internals and even hydraulic systems, fuel system electronics and exhaust design. This way, both teams will be able to save on costs.

“Where that can be common, it makes a huge amount of sense, there is definitely cost saving in there,” Key explained.

Sauber boss says Formula 1 is “no longer a fair competition.” Since Sauber and Force India filed anti-competition complains against Formula 1 last year, Sauber boss Monisha Kaltenborn admitted that it’s frustrating nothing has changed and nothing has been done.

According to a report from Motorsport, Kaltenborn remarked, “Everyone knows how this deals were done and the worse part about it is not that you want to change something just because you don’t like it anymore, it is having a massive impact on our competition.”

Kaltenborn believes that the current scheme of revenue distribution is biased against teams like Sauber who are struggling with finances.

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