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Formula 1 News: Daniel Ricciardo Happy With Red Bull, Rosberg Takes Another Season Win In Baku, & More

Formula 1 News: Daniel Ricciardo Happy With Red Bull, Rosberg Takes Another Season Win In Baku, & More
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Formula 1 News: Daniel Ricciardo Happy With Red Bull, Rosberg Takes Another Season Win In Baku, & More

Daniel Ricciardo is happy to stay with Red Bull for 2017 season and beyond. It’s confirmed. The Aussie driver is not going anywhere during the next Formula 1 season, and possibly even after that.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner hasconfirmed that Ricciardo will remain under contract with the team from 2017 onwards. He also took the time to confirm that their new driver Max Verstappen will be remaining in the team’s other driving seat. Hopefully, this puts an end to speculation that Ricciardo might be moving to Ferrari.

Nico Rosberg takes another victory this season during the maiden race in Baku. The German driver has done it again, claiming a fifth victory for the season during a splendid inaugural race during the Grand Prix in Baku.

It was a perfect race for Rosberg, having led from the pole since the start while setting the fastest laps during the race. In the end, he crossed the checkered flag ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Force India’s Sergio Perez, who later joined in him in the podium.

Following the Baku race, Rosberg continues to lead the Driver Standings with 141 points. Meanwhile, teammate Lewis Hamilton, who only finished in fifth place, still ranks second in the standings with 117 points.

Sebastian Vettel admits Ferrari struggled in low-speed corners at the Baku circuit. The race result this time around was not bad for Vettel, but the German admitted they still struggled when it came to low-speed corners. The new engine upgrade has so far done the team some good, but Vettel told Autosport, “There are a lot of corners here where we struggle to extract the same out of the low-speed corners as other people do.”

Fernando Alonso says he doesn’t get the current radio ban. The McLaren driver believes the current radio ban imposed by Formula 1 in order to encourage drivers to take a more active role is “not making much sense.”

Alonso explained to Motorsport, “They give us a spaceship to drive, with the technology we have, and now we have no information available.” Alonso ended up retiring from the Baku race due to a downshift fault.

Valtteri Bottas says race day in Baku was good overall. He may have finished sixth in the inaugural Baku Grand Prix, but the Finnish driver admitted that it was best result the team could achieve.

According to a report from The Checkered Flag, Bottas explained, “The pace we had today wasn’t enough for any more.” He also said there is a need to be able to make their car quicker and fight for a podium finish in the upcoming races.

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