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Formula 1 News: Alain Prost Wants Ferrari To Keep Raikkonen, Jenson Button Wants To ‘Enjoy’ Again, & More

Formula 1 News: Alain Prost Wants Ferrari To Keep Raikkonen, Jenson Button Wants To ‘Enjoy’ Again, & More
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Formula 1 News: Alain Prost Wants Ferrari To Keep Raikkonen, Jenson Button Wants To ‘Enjoy’ Again, & More

Alain Prost believes Kimi Raikkonen is still a good driver for Ferrari. If it were up to four-time world champion Prost, Raikkonen would still have a seat in Ferrari for the next season. Ferrari is yet to confirm if the world champion Finn would remain in the team, but Prost explained to Autosport, “The positive sign for him to stay is a very good relationship with Vettel. You have a number one, number two – not on paper, but in fact.”

Jenson Button says he “wants to be enjoying himself again” as his future in Formula 1 continues to be uncertain. The Brit is yet to say whether he will be staying with McLaren Honda, moving to another team (possibly Williams) or retiring from the sport altogether.

He told Sky Sports, “For me it’s about enjoying the race weekends, getting the most out of myself, which l feel l am doing, getting the most out of the car, which l feel l am doing, and enjoying it while l am doing it.” He also hinted their are possibilities for him aside from McLaren in the near future.

Brazil promoter lashes out at Felipe Massa after he made comments about future of the sport in the country. Promoter Tamas Rohonyi does not appreciate that Massa recently said that Formula 1 in Brazil may be over soon. In response, Sports Mole reports that Rohonyi retorted, “I will call him and say that just as I don’t tell you how to drive, he does not understand how to organise a race.”

Williams makes Fastest Pit Stop record. The Williams team pulled out all the stops at the Baku Circuit with a pit stop of 1.92 seconds, which they had used to get Felipe Massa’s number 19 car back out on track in extreme hurry. According to a report from Overdrive, the time matches Red Bull‘s current record of 1.923 seconds during the U.S. Grand Prix back in 2013.

Ferrari technical director believes there will be better racing in 2017 for Formula 1. James Allison has high hopes for more competitive racing especially in the upcoming season. He also said that races will be more like a “proper fist fight” in the near future.

“There is some very good racing happening in the field this year and it’s only going to improve,” he explained.

Pirelli reveals tire compounds for Belgium and Japan. The tire manufacturer has already named the tire choices teams will have for the upcoming races. For the Belgian Grand Prix, they can choose between supersoft, soft and medium compounds. Meanwhile, they will have a choice between soft, medium and hard for Suzuka.

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