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Former Top Gear Presenter Jeremy Clarkson ‘Sorry’ After Last Episode, Thanks Supporters

Former Top Gear Presenter Jeremy Clarkson ‘Sorry’ After Last Episode, Thanks Supporters
Jeremy Clarkson and James May Top Gear presenters with my Lancia Beta Coupe Stanford Hall 2008 IMG_6342 Tony Harrison CC BY 2.0


Former Top Gear Presenter Jeremy Clarkson ‘Sorry’ After Last Episode, Thanks Supporters

After the last episode of “Top Gear” featuring the current presenting team was screened, Jeremy Clarkson said he was “so sad and sorry it’s ended like this.” The 75-minute show contained segments prior to the departure of Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond from the show.

At the close of the final episode, Hammond said, “All that remains for us to say is thank you very much for watching. Goodbye.”

Clarkson thanked his supporters on Twitter following the screening of the last episode. Clarkson was fired from the show after a dispute with producer Oisin Tymon.

The final episode, with May and Hammond hosting the show in front of an empty audience and without Clarkson, featured the “elephant in the room” called Jeremy.

The presence of a 10-ft replica of an elephant was hugely enjoyed by the fans of the show, who didn’t have to take long to deduce the mammal was an inference to Clarkson.

According to The Guardian, Executive Producer Andy Wilman said the final show was “very sad, absolutely awful to make.”

“The films are good but they were never designed to carry this burden of being the last thing you’ll ever see from us on Top Gear.

“What’s quite poignant for me is they are not the most ambitious films we have ever done but by accident they happen to be very strong on camaraderie.”

As reported by BBC, the final episode broke the record of being the highest rated “Top Gear” episode in history. The earlier record was registered in December 2007 when Lewis Hamilton’s appearance on the show was watched by 8.35 million people.

Chris Evans, the new host of the show, said he was looking for people to present the show with him.


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