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Former Cop Raises Money For Popeyes Server’s Nursing School

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Former Cop Raises Money For Popeyes Server’s Nursing School

How far would you go help make someone’s life better? For a former cop, he’s willing to go out of his way so a server at Popeyes can afford to go to nursing school.

Former Kansas City Police Department detective Donald Carter simply couldn’t get Shajuana Mays out of his mind. Mays works at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, where Carter ended up chatting with her when he ordered from the restaurant’s drive-thru window one night.

Carter said it was late at night, but Mays had that “spark” about her. She was obviously tired, but she still proceeded to take Carter’s order professionally. “She was polite and respectful – far from the typical employee at this same location. Although I admit, it’s been a while since I’d been,” Carter recalled.

As she did, Carter struck a conversation with her. This is how he came to learn that Mays had been dreaming about going to nursing school for some time. And so, as he started munching on his fried chicken, he began wondering what he could do to help Mays. “What if I got some friends together and we put this girl through school to get her CNA license?” Carter asked himself.

Soon after, Carter started getting things in motion. In fact, he went on Facebook and appealed to his friends to help him. “I have about 1300 or so “Friends” on FB, I think. If I put the call out there, maybe people would want to do something kind for this random young woman,” he explained.

GoFundMe page exceeds Carter’s goal.

At the same time, Carter created a GoFundMe page to appeal to more people for help. According to Carter, the Certified Nursing Assistant course costs around $1500. If his friends on Facebook could spare $5 each, it would mean a lot of help. Today, Carter’s page for Mays has already raised $14,302.

To tell her the good news, Carter gathered some of the people who donated to Mays’ cause. They gathered inside Popeyes and waited for her as they enjoyed their food. And when Mays found out what Carter had done for her, the joy on her face was simply indescribable. “I’m excited — I actually get to pursue something that I’ve always wanted to be doing for a very long time,” Mays remarked.

If you want to help Shajuana Mays, Carter’s GoFundMe page is still accepting donations.

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