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‘Forgive ISIS’ Is Girl’s Dying Wish To Mom

‘Forgive ISIS’ Is Girl’s Dying Wish To Mom


‘Forgive ISIS’ Is Girl’s Dying Wish To Mom

ISIS burned the house of a 12-year-old Christian girl because her family failed to pay the religious tax on time. She suffered fourth degree burns. As her mother scrambled carrying her for medical aid, she died in her arms. Her last words though will haunt and resonate to the world: “Forgive ISIS.”

The ISIS regularly conducts its routine door-to-door “monitoring” of houses in its heavily controlled territories.

One fateful day, the ISIS knocked to the door of a Christian family living in Mosul, in northern Iraq and demanded payment for religious tax. Such tax is imposed to all non-Muslims and calculated according to their estimated net worth.

Inside the house were a mother and her daughter. The terrorist group gave an ultimatum for them to either leave the house or pay the tax that very moment.

Jacqueline Isaac, a human rights advocate who told Express of the mother and daughter’s story, said the mother begged for just a minute until her daughter finishes her shower.

But the evil ISIS cannot wait that long. Members set the house on fire.

While the mother and daughter were able to escape the burning house, the girl suffered fourth degree burns. Her mother, with burns herself, tried to carry her to the nearest hospital, but the child died in her arms.

“The last thing her daughter said was: ‘Forgive them,’” Isaac told the Express.

What does ISIS want?

Based from this heart wrenching story, it would seem that the ISIS’ intention was not really to have the family pay the demanded tax. It would seem that, the evil terrorist group was itching to kill them, for being Christians.

As previously reported by Morning News USA, Secretary of State John Kerry had already declared in March that the ISIS is guilty of genocide against Christians, Yazidis and Shia Muslims.

“Daesh (ISIS) is genocidal by self proclamation, by ideology and by actions,” Kerry said during a televised broadcast.

The ISIS continues to capture and enslave Yazidi women. They sell them at auction and rape them. Male Shiites and Christians on the other hand are killed or coerced to embrace the group’s interpretation of Islam.

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