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Forever 21 Swastika Rings: Fashion Giant Supports The Nazi Party? (Updated)

Forever 21 Swastika Rings: Fashion Giant Supports The Nazi Party? (Updated)
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Forever 21 Swastika Rings: Fashion Giant Supports The Nazi Party? (Updated)

Forever 21 came under fire on Sunday evening after a photo of swastika rings bearing Forever 21 tags surfaced on social media. The fast fashion giant was reportedly stocking the rings in stores, including ones in New York.


“Following a thorough investigation, including an audit of all international and domestic store records, we have reconfirmed that the reported item was never sourced, produced or sold by Forever 21. We believe the pictures in question were part of an unfortunate and cruel Internet hoax,” Forever 21 said in a statement to MNU on Tuesday. The statement added that the brand “would never knowingly source or sell such merchandise.”

Original Article:

The swastika symbol in the West is more heavily connected with Nazism. German Nazi fighters during World War II used to wear a swastika-like symbol on their jackets.

The idea that Forever 21 is making use of the symbol for its ring has become controversial. The pictures of Forever 21 swastika rings went viral on social media Sunday.

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It all started when photos of the rings were shared everywhere. It appears to have been posted by a user named Seth Sklar, a New York-based individual. Looks like someone hooked the swastika rings to the back of another product, TMZ reports.

Naturally, shoppers and fans of Forever 21 were enraged, but it appears to be a hoax, a prank.

The fashion giant has refuted claims that it is selling the anti-Semitic rings, The Fashion Law reports.

“Forever 21 takes feedback and product concerns very seriously. With regards to the rings in question, they are not a Forever 21 product and we are looking into the situation for more details,” said a spokesman for the brand, exclusively to TFL on Monday.

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Snopes also conducted a more in-depth investigation of where the rumor started. Apparently, it started on Sunday when several questions remained unanswered on Forever 21 social media handles. The fashion brand’s Facebook and Twitter were filled with questions from fans.

Many social media users linked to a post on the web site ‘Only Simchas’ as the source. But, the website did not display any picture or post about the rings.

One user reported to have seen the rings firsthand in a Manhattan branch of the chain, but did not specify which store. She then clarified that she saw the post only and not the ring itself.

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The symbol has references to the Holocaust, which caused the death of around six million Jews in history. In the West it is considered to be a “very powerful and negative symbol,” according to Hollywood Life.

However, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains consider the swastika symbol for millennia. It has ties with the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, in which it means “well-being.”

It is still not clear as to who posted the picture, who clicked the picture and more questions.

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