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For Eric Huismann, This Is What An Apple Drone Looks Like

For Eric Huismann, This Is What An Apple Drone Looks Like
Image from Eric Huisman


For Eric Huismann, This Is What An Apple Drone Looks Like


Image from Eric Huismann

Curious as to what an Apple Drone might look like?

A German designer who goes by the name Eric Huismann has envisioned a drone concept he calls the Apple Quadcopter.

If it weren’t for the above information, one would think the product comes from Apple itself, owing to its realistic design loyal to the aesthetics of the tech company.

Huismann’s Vision

Carrying a minimalistic design, the Apple Drone was first posted on Huismann’s website.

If he would have his say, the Apple Quadcopter would be able to shoot still and panoramic photos using the four cameras built inside its legs. Pictures and 4K-quality videos would then be streamed to the user’s Apple device.

As expected from all devices bearing the Apple brand, Huismann’s drone has the now-iconic Apple logo printed on the middle.


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Drones of the Future

As with all visionary companies, an Apple Drone would always exist in the realm of possibilities.

It should be noted that Amazon, in its effort to make deliveries easier and faster, has successfully applied for a permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to test out their delivery drones.

The FAA has just released on March 19 a statement approving Amazon to test out the drones it would be using for their upcoming Amazon Prime Air.

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