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For 20 Years, Man Waits For Date At Train Station

For 20 Years, Man Waits For Date At Train Station
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For 20 Years, Man Waits For Date At Train Station

A story of a Taiwanese man, who sits at a train station for twenty years waiting for a date that never showed up, is going viral in the Asian region. The man is waiting at the spot where they promised to meet twenty years ago. The Taiwanese is now being called the human Hachiko.

The man who cannot be moved

Twenty years ago, Ah Ji went at Taiwan’s Tainan train station to meet a girl, who sadly did not show up.

Ah Ji is still waiting for her at this very moment and will continue to wait at the same spot where they promised to see each other, various local media reported.

During the first years that Ah Ji would come at the train station, he brought with him a large staircase where he can stand and see all the people arriving at the area. But as years and years passed by without his love arriving, Ah Ji did not leave the station anymore, becoming homeless and dirty each day.

Social workers, passersby and vendors who know of his story gave him meals for him to survive. His family who has tried again and again to convince him to go home visits him regularly to clean him and bring him food. One time he was talked into being admitted in a nearby hospital because of illness. He however escaped from the hospital and went back at his spot at the train station.

The Tainan City Bureau of Social Affairs tried to organize an event where Ah Ji’s friends, families and government officials came. Ah Ji was reportedly happy to see everyone. He was given a new hair cut, new set of clothes and a health check by doctors. Ah Ji has enjoyed the event and has even called a toast for the local mayor.

But when the time comes that everyone was convincing him to go home, Ah Ji became adamant. He told everyone he does not want to go anywhere and that he has learned to love the wait.

Human Hachiko

Ah Ji is now being dubbed as the human Hachiko, Rocket News 24 reported.

Hachiko is the Japanese dog that refused to leave the train station waiting for his human whom unknown to the dog has already died. The story of Hachiko has been translated into films, including that of Richard Gere’s titled “Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale.” Gere portrayed the role of Hachiko’s human. The movie was shown in 2009.


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