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Football Player Allen Artis Raped Student: Facts About Tar Heels Linebacker

Football Player Allen Artis Raped Student: Facts About Tar Heels Linebacker
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Football Player Allen Artis Raped Student: Facts About Tar Heels Linebacker

The junior linebacker of the University of Carolina’s football team accused of raping a UNC Chapel Hill student on Valentine’s Day has been suspended by the athletic department indefinitely.

In a press conference, Delaney Robinson and her father Stacey Robinson, along with attorney Denise Branch, issued statements accusing Allen Artis of sexually assaulting Delaney in February. The allegations from Delaney, who was an 18-year-old freshman at the time, come months after the alleged incident. The university allegedly failed to take proper action against Artis, as reported by ABC 11.

Allen Artist: Football player suspended following allegations

With no action taken by the university, Branch said the only way Delaney could take justice was by filing misdemeanor charges. Artis’ suspension comes as standard protocol for any football player charged with misdemeanor.

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Even after the incident, the school’s Department of Public Safety treated her “like a suspect,” Delaney said.

“After I was raped, I went to the hospital and gave an account of what I could remember to the sexual assault nurse,” Delaney said. “Then I was again quizzed by the DPS investigators, who consistently asked humiliating and accusatory questions.”

One of the top 70 players in the state of Georgia (according to and considered one of the several prospects from Cobb County to sign with the Tar Heels joining Cameron Albright and Ayden Bonilla, Artis has been suspended from the team indefinitely. According to Go Heels, in 2015 Artis played in 12 games during the regular season and recorded five tackles; in 2014, he played in 13 games and recorded 14 tackles.

Allen Artist: University ‘prohibited from responding to’ allegations

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“For more than six months, we have waited for the man who raped my daughter to be held accountable,” Stacey said. “We have had to endure delays, red tape and bureaucracy by both the UNC Department of Public Safety and the Title IX office while the University has ignored its own guidelines.”

As reported by the North State Journal, the university has said that it is “prohibited from responding to” the allegations due to federal law.

“These matters are complex and often involve multiple agencies including law enforcement,” the school said. “While the University always tries to complete an investigation as quickly as possible, our priority is to ensure that the factual investigations are complete and conducted in a fair and thorough manner.

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