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Is Foo Fighters Breaking Up?

Is Foo Fighters Breaking Up?
Dave Grohl, photo taken July 2, 2005 at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Stig Nygaard/Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

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Is Foo Fighters Breaking Up?

Dave Grohl, front man of Foo Fighters, performed solo during Oscars. While his rendition of the The Beatles’ “Blackbird” was impressive, people had one thing in mind: is this sign of an imminent disband?

Rumors had it that there had been tensions between the lead singer and drummer Taylor Hawkins. Many of the band’s fans took to Twitter to speculate. Some speculated that the band is splitting up while some thought that Grohl’s solo project could be down the line.

Things escalated to the point that American rock band Foo Fighters had to release an ‘official band announcement’ video. Foo Fighters put together a seven-minute YouTube video that featured a cameo from the singer and television personality, Nick Lachey.

In the video, first reported by ET Online, Grohl discussed he had an amazing Oscars performance. At first there was an impression that the lead singer has come to the decision of finding himself and “be me.” He also said that he allowed the other band members to go on different ways. But of course, the video is but a spoof clip. It toyed around the scenarios where the frontman attempted to record a solo album, and the rest of the band members are trying to replace the singer with Liam Gallagher (Oasis), pop superstar Justin Bieber, Nick Lachey and Phil Collins.

A message at the end of the Foo Fighters video reads, “For the millionth time, the band is not breaking up. And nobody’s going f@#*ing solo!”

Foo Fighters had in fact addressed the same rumors in as far back as 2015. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Grohl said: “As long as we can do whatever we want to do, we’ll do it until we die. We’re not breaking up anytime soon, that would be like your grandparents getting a divorce. Too weird.”

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