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Flu Shot Could Turn Men Gay: Facts To Know

Flu Shot Could Turn Men Gay: Facts To Know
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Flu Shot Could Turn Men Gay: Facts To Know

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

A mother from San Francisco has sued a hospital when her son turned gay after allegedly receiving flu vaccines, a report shows.

Andrea Benenacci, has slapped the San Francisco General Hospital with a criminal complaint for turning her son ‘gay’.

Flu Shot Causes ‘Gayness’?

According to a report published by the World News Report, Benenacci claimed that her 16-year-old son’s sexual preference has drastically changed after he received the flu shots. She, however, clarified that she has no problems with gays, but it’s a different story since it involves her son.

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“I don’t have a problem with other people being gay, don’t get me wrong. But he’s my son. The doctor told me there could be some secondary effects to the shot, either fever or make him short-tempered for a few days, but they never told me he’d turn gay,” Benenacci told the World News Report.

Benenacci added that part of the changes that she noticed from her teenage son was his sudden change of preferences. She said her son used to be a quarterback then suddenly preferred the pom-poms.

Quarterback to Pom-poms

Benenacci’s accounts have also been confirmed by the boy’s 86-grandmother who also witnessed the tremendous changes that happened on her grandson.

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But an article from Snopes raised question on the veracity of the news, citing the previous hoax news that the same website published in the past.

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), highly recommends getting the flu shots to guard against influenza, which is a common disease that sometimes leads to death.

The CDC recommends the use of injectable flu shots, especially during 2016-2017, while the use of nasal spray has been discouraged by the health bureau for the same period. It added that everyone should get flu shots every flu season.

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