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Florida Gun Supply Makes Fun Of Islam, Declares ‘Muslim-free Zone’

Florida Gun Supply Makes Fun Of Islam, Declares ‘Muslim-free Zone’
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Florida Gun Supply Makes Fun Of Islam, Declares ‘Muslim-free Zone’

Andy Hallinan, the owner of the Florida Gun Supply, declared his business a “Muslim-free Zone” in response to the Chattanooga military massacre. In a video posted on his store’s Facebook Page, he announced he is holding a free class on how to carry guns discreetly for “patriots” to be armed against “the enemy.” The video was posted July 18 and had since been viewed more than 80,000 with hundreds of comments ranging from support to his cause to anti-Islamic views.

Florida Gun Supply a “Muslim-free zone”

Hallinan began his video by talking about the Southern Heritage. In his backdrop is a Confederate flag. “This flag represents nothing but the rich heritage of the South and the willingness of patriots to stand up against tyranny of all sorts,” Hallinan says.

He then criticized President Barack Obama, saying there is more racism now in the U.S. than the past administrations.“Our leaders are telling you that the cross is a symbol of intolerance and hatred, bigotry and anti-homosexuality. Don’t believe their lies,” Hallinan says.

Hallinan said Obama is wrong when he describes Islam as a peaceful religion. “We are in battle patriots, but not only with Islamic extremism. We are also in battle against extreme political correctness that threatens our lives because if we can’t call evil “evil” for fear of offending people, then we can’t defeat our enemies.”

He then announced a free class on how to be discreet when carrying guns because he wants his “patriots” to be armed, be trained and carry guns everyday. “In case we are ever called upon to defend our lives or our community,” he said.

Due to the latest attack by an Islamic Extremist in Tennessee, we’ve made some extreme changes to the way we are…

Posted by Florida Gun Supply on Friday, July 17, 2015

Hallinan drew racist comments and make fun of Muslims

The comment section of Hallinan’s video reeks of racist and Islamaphobic responses. One commenter suggested for Hallinan and his customers to “pre dip all ammo in pigs blood.” Hallinan response was: “We sell gun oil that is made out of 13% pig fat LOL.”

One commenter suggested for Hallinan to “cover the front door handle in pig skin, and put a cartoon of muhammad, on it as well. That will do it for sure. Gun up peep’s it is the way of the new world.” Hallinan response was: “LOOOOOOOL!”

“Keep bacon on hand if they won’t touch it they are a devoted muslim, another commenter suggested. Hallinan said it was a “Good idea.”

Asked how he will know if a person is Muslim or not, Hallinan said: “We’ll ask if they seem sketchy, and ask them to leave.” This drew a comment from one individual: “Free bacon samples! Gotta eat a piece, for entry!” Hallinan responded: “HAHAHAHA!”

Muslim civil rights advocate called on Department of Justice

Seeing the Islamophobic responses on Hallinan’s Facebook page, the Council on American-Islamic relations or CAIR has called on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate possible federal civil rights violation by businesses in Florida and New Hampshire that have been declared “Muslim free zones.”

“These bigoted declarations are no different than ‘whites only’ signs posted in businesses during a period of our nation’s history that we had hoped was over,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper.

“The Department of Justice must investigate these hate-filled and un-American business practices to determine whether federal civil rights laws are being violated,” Hooper said in a statement.


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