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Flipcase App Turns iPhone 5C into Game Board for ‘Connect Four’

Flipcase App Turns iPhone 5C into Game Board for ‘Connect Four’


Flipcase App Turns iPhone 5C into Game Board for ‘Connect Four’

Flipcase App Turns iPhone 5C into Game Board for Connect FourApple Inc intended iPhone 5C to be the lower-end version of iPhone 5. It has also become the first ever iPhone in colorful plastic cases. The colors were louder, not typical for the iPhones we used to know. Those included plastic pink, yellow, white, blue, or green.

Are you aware that there is another important function of the smartphone? It could be the best platform to play a special app called ‘Connect Four.’ iPhone 5C could be a unique and improvised device that could serve as a game board for Connect Four. The app Flipcase has to be downloaded and installed first to do it.

iPhone 5C was launched and released by Apple Inc last month. Since then, its sales have been lackluster compared to its sibling iPhone 5S. But the company and most analysts have forecast that through time, iPhone 5C would eventually sell more units. Now, an improvised feature using a game app could help the smartphone further gain in popularity among various users.

How to play Connect Four

A user first needs to launch the Flipcase app. After that, the handset’s case could be flipped over and attached to the screen of the phone. Connect Four could be played by two persons. Thus, a user could ask a friend to play with him.

The mechanics of the board game is quite easy. Both players would have to find and tap four holes with one color in a row. The strategic player who first does so wins the game. To reset the improvised game board, simply shake the smartphone and you would be set to another game.

The app is offered in the Apple iTunes Store and in other mobile store platforms. Thus, it is widely available to more consumers. The mechanics is simple yet fun.

Connect Four

It is a common knowledge that Connect Four was an original concept of Milton Bradley in 1974. Since then, it has facilitated fun for children and even adults. Through the years, the game has been made popular by the plastic tokens that have to be dropped into a game board in upright position.

There have been many other mobile-based board games that have been released. Those include Super Connect 4, Four in a Row, and Connect 4. There have been versions for Android and iOS. However, Flipcase could be unique as it is the first mobile game to use an improvised or special accessory just to facilitate playing.

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