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Flipboard Acquires Fellow News Aggregator Zite from CNN

Flipboard Acquires Fellow News Aggregator Zite from CNN


Flipboard Acquires Fellow News Aggregator Zite from CNN

Social media sites are the primary sources of news feeds for people worldwide. Flipboard being the paramount news reader of all is always up to something to create astonishing and interesting experiences for the news readers. Today, Flipboard unveiled its plans today that it is acquiring the social reading mobile magazine Zite from CNN. In addition to that, Flipboard has taken part in the strategic partnership with one of the largest TV and news publishers in the world, and a cable news giant owned by Time Warner. The whole coverage of CNN will be delivered and paginated through the Flipboard app.

Flipboard plans to create magazines for all shows of CNN that include the 30 sources from news giants starting with one from journalist Fareed Zakariya. CNN and Flipboard also revealed their partnership in advertisement for monetizing the combined coverage.

The terms of acquisition were not unveiled at the moment. CNN Money announced that Flipboard bought Zite for the money of $60 million.

Flipboard has planned to stop evolution of Zite and merging its technology into Flipboard itself.

The majority of the employees would be shifting from Zite to Flipboard. The CEO of Zite, Mark Johnson wouldn’t join Flipboard. Mike Klaas who is the co-founder of Zite, has built the personalized news engine along with Powers Zite. They will be moving to Flipboard.

The CEO of Flipboard said that after bringing Zite technology and team to Flipboard, they can provide an excellent experience to every Flipboard reader. The actual reason behind the acquiring of Zite by CNN was to capitalize on the ever-growing mobile news market. This acquisition was made in 2011.

Flipboard provides extraordinary capability to aggregate their favorite news and social news feeds into one magazine.

The beautifully tailored magazine can then easily be read in smartphone devices and tablets. You can find now more than 6 million individually tailored magazines on Flipboard.

Shortly after the launching of the Apple’s original iPad, Flipboard was unveiled in the summer of 2010. The wonderful app has been featured by Apple several times at events of launching, and carries the same meaning now as tablet reading.

The founder of Flipboard, Mike McCue initiated Flipboard as a project in late August 2009 after spending two years at Microsoft. McCue has experience of working in Netscape in mid-1990.

Flipboard was launched as one of the great social streams, and it is one of the pioneers in social media magazines apps that also include the likes of Pulse. Flipboard would import Twitter and Facebook feeds into the app, and make the status updates look wonderful.

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