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Flickr Launches New App Redesign For iOS and Android

Flickr Launches New App Redesign For iOS and Android


Flickr Launches New App Redesign For iOS and Android

Flickr Launches New App Redesign For iOS and AndroidYahoo has just announced and released a major update and redesign of their Flickr mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The company is calling the release Flickr 3.0 and it brings with it an almost completely redesigned interface and a slew of new and updated features.

The new Flickr app’s camera takes many of the functionality of competing camera apps like Instagram. It now features up to fourteen photo filters which users can preview and apply while or after taking a photo. It also features new editing tools where users can use the auto-enhance or manually adjust or apply, apart from the photo filters, things like vignettes or more specific properties such as color balance, levels, and exposure. The  new camera is also now capable of capturing up to 30 seconds of HD video with the ability to apply the same filters available to still photos as well as editing and splicing together different video segments. Additionally, there is now an auto-sync feature that automatically uploads all the photos or videos users have created to Flickr’s servers.

Flickr is also introducing a new intelligent search engine for exploring and browsing photos. Photos can now be browsed and searched by date and time, place, or even by the scenes or objects in the photo. Sharing all these photos are also now easier with a new batch organizing and sharing feature that allows users to share their photos on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. New social features have also been added to the app including the ability to comment on photos, view top trending photos, and follow other Flickr photographers.

Lastly, the new Flickr app now features an enhanced information screen for each photo where users can see specific details such as which camera and lens were used to take the photo or the time and place it was taken along with other metadata. Flickr has even included wireframe illustrations of many of today’s popular cameras to display which camera was used to take each photo.

“Every day at Flickr we share our passion for inspiring photography by building world-class tools and beautiful photo displays you can access anywhere. Ten years ago we defined online photo sharing as the first major online community to store, organize, tag, and share digital photos,” said Flickr Vice President, Bernando Hernandez, “We could not be more excited to continue shaping digital photography with [sic] new Flickr app for iPhone coming today to the App Store and for Android in the Google Play store now.”

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