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‘The Flash’ Season 3 Plot: Carlos Valdes Says Flashpoint Will Change Everything

‘The Flash’ Season 3 Plot: Carlos Valdes Says Flashpoint Will Change Everything
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‘The Flash’ Season 3 Plot: Carlos Valdes Says Flashpoint Will Change Everything

Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon in “The Flash”, has hinted that “Flashpoint” will play a major role in season 3 of the series. So what changes will “The Flash” go through due to Barry’s decision to save his mother?

‘The Flash’ Season 3

“The Flash” Season 2 finale set up a number of teasers for the next season, but none greater than Barry going back in time to save his mother from Reverse-Flash, giving rise to what is known as “Flashpoint”. It has been shown earlier in the series that making changes to the natural course of things could lead to dire consequences for the entire universe. So will “Flashpoint” disrupt everything we have come to know about “The Flash”?

Carlos Valdes opened up about how “The Flash” season 3 plans to proceed after the finale of season 2, in a panel at MegaCon, reports Comic Book.

“All I’m going to tell you is things are going to be different, way different. Not in a bad way; I think in a really exciting way, and it’s that difference that’s going to inform Barry’s trajectory throughout the season, and I think people are going to like it.”

Fans are already anticipating big changes to take place in “The Flash” season 3. However, as to the question of whether the “Flashpoint” is going to affect other DC shows such as “Arrow”, “Supergirl” and “Legends of Tomorrow” still waits to be seen.

‘Justice League – The Flashpoint Paradox’

For people unaware about how the “Flashpoint” fits into the DC universe, they can turn to Netflix for answers, reports Zap2it.

DC is going to release an animated movie on Netflix that recounts the journey of The Flash and other members of the Justice League as they cope with “Flashpoint”. It’s an 80-minute movie featuring The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, Cyborg etc and is called “Justice League – The Flashpoint Paradox”.

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