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‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 2: Dr. Alchemy, Mirror Master And The Rival May Team Up

‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 2: Dr. Alchemy, Mirror Master And The Rival May Team Up
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‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 2: Dr. Alchemy, Mirror Master And The Rival May Team Up

All signs point to the three main villains of “The Flash” Season 3 – Dr. Alchemy, Mirror Master And The Rival – teaming up to destroy the Flash!

While the “Flashpoint” went by really fast (pun intended!), the consequences of the Flashpoint is going to last for quite some time, as pointed out by a smirking Reverse Flash.

One of the consequences of Barry temporarily creating an alternate universe where he got to have a family was already evident from the fact that Iris is now missing from the present day world.

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‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers

As informed at the end of “The Flash” Season 3 premiere, Joe and Iris no longer share the loving father-daughter bond that they used to share pre-Flashpoint.

While it is highly likely for Barry to blame himself for this less than jovial situation, he will also probably stop at nothing to find Iris and make things right.

Meanwhile, the viewers are still under suspense of whether Barry got back his powers or not.

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When Barry tries to use his speed to go back to the night his mother got killed so that he could reset the timeline again, he stumbles and falls to the ground and the Reverse Flash has to help him out.

Barry is not seen using his speed again before the end the episode, so there is a pretty good chance that losing his powers could be one of the side effects of messing with the original timeline.

But Barry would not want to lose his powers at a time when not one, but the arrival of three villains have been signaled on the show.

‘The Flash’ Season 3 Villains

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Dr. Alchemy reaches out to Edward Clariss, who was The Rival in the alternate universe that Barry had created with the Flashpoint.

Executive Producer of “The Flash”, Aaron Helbing said in an interview with Empire that Clariss will be one of those few characters who will remember exactly what happened back in the Flashpoint:

“This guy, Edward Clariss, remembers everything that happened in “Flashpoint.” All of the pieces that we set up in “Flashpoint” are going to play out throughout the entire season.”

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So, in all probability, Clariss might be reprising his role as The Rival in the original timeline too.

Also, according to iDigital Times, the fact that Dr. Alchemy chose a mirror to communicate with Clariss might indicate the arrival of another villain – the Mirror Master – who is rumored to be featured on this season of “The Flash”.

Will these three villains plan to team up in order to fight their common enemy, “The Flash”?

Find out when “The Flash” Season 3 returns next Tuesday, October 11, only on The CW.

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