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‘The Flash: Rebirth’ #1 Teases Watchmen Arrival

‘The Flash: Rebirth’ #1 Teases Watchmen Arrival
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‘The Flash: Rebirth’ #1 Teases Watchmen Arrival

Readers unfortunate enough to still be reading the New 52 are probably wondering what’s happening in The Flash: Rebirth #1. While most fans are already aware of the reunion of Barry Allen and Wally West, the comic series has revealed more plans for its upcoming issue.

To start off with The Flash: Rebirth #1, you must finish the New 52 and read DC Universe: Rebirth #1, since the story continues from there, as Geoff Johns had clarified. Wally West shines a new light on the alterations of the continuity and confirms that it was in fact “something else, someone else” responsible behind the incidents, not The Flash.

The Flash: Rebirth #1 teases Dr. Manhattan

Thanks to Newsarama, we got to know that the first issue is hinting the Watchmen, or more specifically, Dr. Manhattan. The comic suggests that someone has stolen a part of the memory from DC Universe. Even if Dr. Manhattan is behind it, we still don’t know the reasons for it.

A report from Comic Book Resources also confirmed that The Flash and Batman come across the smiley badge that belongs to The Comedian. Although we have the two best crime scene analysts on it, they seem to stumble upon inconclusive results and decide to keep the Justice League out of the loop.

We believe the first issue’s story will set the plot for the future installment. Judging by this, we can expect the arrival of Dr. Manhattan. Moreover, Barry Allen also says this case feels “personal.” Perhaps we have another speedster hunting down the people Barry loves? We’ll probably get to know the answers next issue.

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