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Flash Pack: The 14 Minutes Charging Power Bank

Flash Pack: The 14 Minutes Charging Power Bank
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Flash Pack: The 14 Minutes Charging Power Bank

Do you have a problem with how long it takes for your device to charge on a power bank? If yes, then you’re one of a thousand others that have the same thing in mind. A young entrepreneur from Pakistan noticed this common problem and decided to do something about it. Hence, the Flash Pack power bank was born.

The power bank, which is a work in progress with a completely useful prototype, was invented by 23-year-old entrepreneur Abdullah Soomro. It can be totally charged in a period of 14 minutes from any standard portable PC charger. It is said that this power bank can pack up enough power on an hour charging to last for one and a half charge of an iPhone 6s making a mobile gadget “really mobile,” reports Insta Updates.

Soomro, who is the founder of Micropower Labs, graduated from one of the Best Engineering Institutes in Pakistan – GIKI. Among his many awards is the National Youth Innovators grant from Pakistan Innovation Foundation and National Technical Speaker Award (SoFE) from IMechE Pakistan. He is also known as the architect of Pakistan’s First Gravitational Water vortex turbine.

The story of the power bank can be traced when the young entrepreneur Abdullah Soomro was just building his first start up company, which is a hyperlocal delivery business. According to Tech In Asia during a delivery process, his delivery drivers constantly keep in touch with their customers via a smartphone for a successful delivery.

However most often than not, their smartphone’s battery life doesn’t last long, which in the end, creates inconvenience as they are not able to communicate with their customers because of this. Abdullah being a mechanical engineer himself didn’t think then that the existing battery is the solution to the matter. He thinks that it requires hours to get charged so he decided to figure how to solve the problem.

Micropowerlabs came to life after he has consulted with some of his professors to validate his idea. The aim is to build a better, more efficient power bank. He then spent six months in Chile along with his co-founder after he has accepted an incubation program run by the country’s government, which gave him his seed capital of $35,000 USD.

And this in the end result to his discovery, which he said was inspired by the technology behind batteries for electric vehicles. He said that those types of vehicles have been capable of charging ten times faster than regular batteries. That technology has not been tried on smaller consumer products yet so he took that technology, applied the same principles and shrunk it down.

The resulting power bank is currently on a crowdfunding project at Indiegogo, which is hoping to raise at least around $30,000 USD by April 2016 to support the starting tooling and assembling for the primary cluster of the power bank. Now with producers in China up to speed on the assembling arrangement, it is said that early backers will receive their Flash Packs by June this year, reports AAJ News.

According to its Indiegogo page so far 4% of the flexible goal is already achieved with 23 backers of the project. Currently there are nine options for backers of the project. The Super Early Bird edition, Early Bird Edition, Starter Pack, Double Starter, Flash Pack Double Starter, Flash Pack Double Edition, Family Pack, Deca Pack and the Century Pack. All of this options comes with free shipping to any backer in Pakistan and an additional $10 USD for those not in the said country.

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