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‘The Flash’ Movie To Determine Fate Of DC Extended Universe

‘The Flash’ Movie To Determine Fate Of DC Extended Universe
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‘The Flash’ Movie To Determine Fate Of DC Extended Universe

The DC Extended Universe has been mum to fans about new The Flash movie announcements. The movie is set to hit theaters in 2018, with Ezra Miller playing Barry Allen.

As of now, the movie has no developments to report. Last month, Seth Grahame-Smith backed out as the director due to “creative differences.”  While the studio is on the hunt for a new director, how will The Flash movie roll out?

DC has many Riddles in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Thanks to Geoff Johns’ full support for DC, the movie will take its plot right from The New 52 comics. Unlike the TV series, the movie will be required to move fast-paced due to its significance to carry on the story in Justice League: Part Two.

Unlike Marvel, DC “teases sequences” that contain riddles than a normal fan can comprehend.  In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Flash’s first appearance by “travelling back in time” to warn Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) answers many questions.

If you haven’t followed The New 52 comics or the recent DC animated movies, you would at least be familiar with The Flash TV series. So you are also aware that The Flash is not fast enough to break time and space barrier, or travel through dimensions.

The Flash that appears in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice already has the ability to create the events that occur in Flashpoint: Paradox. Rather than just allow “the fastest man alive” to understand his power and go up against a mediocre supervillian in his 2018 movie, he would make his mark in Justice League: Part One. In The Flash (2018), we can expect our hero to go up against his long-time nemesis Reverse Flash.

Geoff Johns would probably play a vital role in The Flash movie after his work in Justice League. The writer has shared his interest in The Flash and also helped CW with the TV series. If the movie sets off accordingly to The New 52, Barry Allen will be responsible for the events that occur in Justice League Part Two due to his fight against Zoom, as TV series fans know him.

If you’re a newbie, we advise you to watch Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox to get a grip of the plot. You can also read the rest of The New 52 comics and animated releases to understand DC’s approach with the extended universe.

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