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Flappy Bird Flown Away Forever?

Flappy Bird Flown Away Forever?


Flappy Bird Flown Away Forever?

We all have loved Flappy Bird right? It is that kind of game that reminds us of the classics and is a source of some vintage fun.

The app has experienced quite a lot of success during its short time on the app stores of both Android and iOS. But due to some issues, the developer took to twitter to announce that he plans to pull the game off both of the app stores.

The game has gone away from the stores like a ghost by now. The good news? You can still play Flappy Bird if you have in your mobile or can get apk or iOS file from your friend.

Currently sitting at the summit of the world of mobile gaming today, Flappy bird has proved itself to be a highly addictive as well as infuriating to enough people to try and rate it amongst the classics. The one main developer of the little game never thought that his flying game could be so popular among the users world-wide and also to generate more than 50,000$ revenue in advertisements, so naturally his life might have taken a U-turn and his privacy must have been disturbed and resulting in him becoming much more famous. It so happens that the fellow Dong Nguyen was actually irritated by this attention and now plans to remove the product from the app stores within a few days to restore some privacy to his life.

He also claims that the press is currently overrating the success of his Flappy Bird and numerous other apps that he has released and requested that he be left alone. It seems that the press has touched a nerve and the Nguyen wants to wrap it up from the stores to achieve his solace. However, as with all cases it seems there are other issues at hand here with many suggesting that legal matters are at the heart of the event. Maybe Mr. Nguyen isn’t happy with his current revenue and wants to increase it and is so far not getting the nod from the advertisement companies. So instead of holding negotiations, he has gone for the power play, which will show his true power behind the app which will strengthen the position in the matter. So far he isn’t even prepared to sell the app to another party which adds to the intrigue of the matter.

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