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‘Flappy Bird’ Dominates Free App Store Charts

‘Flappy Bird’ Dominates Free App Store Charts


‘Flappy Bird’ Dominates Free App Store Charts

You might already be curious about the current hit mobile game app that rules both Apple App Store and Google Play. It is called ‘Flappy Bird’ and it has been dominating the free app list in both portals. The latest mobile game craze is expected to hang on the top spot for quite some time as its popularity continues to spread like wildfire.

The game is created by Dougn Nguyen, who is described as a passionate indie game maker. The app is a collaboration with .GEARS Studios, a game developer based in Vietnam. Is it the first time for you to hear about Flappy Bird? You are surely not alone.

The game was actually released in May 2013 at the App Store. Interestingly, it took several months before Flappy Bird was finally able to make waves and attract more mobile game players. It was sometime last month when the app first reached the No. 1 spot on the list of free apps. In Google Play, it was rolled out just last Thursday (January 30).

Effective formula adopted from other games

Flappy Bird uses the same effective formula of other free and popular games before it. Mainly, the game app has a simple premise. Just tap the smartphone’s screen so you could flap the wings of the bird. Navigate the flying bird. The goal would be to avoid those pipes that are scattered along the route.

At first, one may easily infer that Flappy Birds is the same as Super-Mario games from the yesteryears. The mechanics certainly is fun. But take note that it is definitely not easy.

How Flappy Bird really works

So how are points accumulated? Every time the player flies in between two pipes, he will get additional point. A medal awaits the player who gets all four types of medals the soonest. Those medals are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

Flappy Bird maintains a global leaderboard. The best players could reach insane scores like 9,999. The site’s leaderboard is now indicating up to 18 million players. Of course, the developers of the game promise to continue renovating the theme mobile game.

This week, Flappy Bird is also finding its way to Windows Phone. The game is currently for approval from Microsoft Corp. But inside sources claim that the mobile game would likely land on Windows Phone in the coming few days.

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