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Flappy Bird Creator Unveils New Mobile Game Called ‘Swing Copters’

Flappy Bird Creator Unveils New Mobile Game Called ‘Swing Copters’


Flappy Bird Creator Unveils New Mobile Game Called ‘Swing Copters’

Flappy Bird Creator Unveils New Mobile Game Called ‘Swing Copters’Fans of the popular mobile game ‘Flappy Bird’ may have many other reasons to celebrate. The addictive app is not yet returning, but its creator, Dong Nguyen, is continuously creating new games that may possibly fill the gap.

The young gaming app developer has recently unveiled a new game that is expected to be launched on iOS and Android soon. It is not an iteration of Flappy Birds, but it has the potential to become another hit mobile game.

The new game is called ‘Swing Copters’ and it promises to be equally fun and addictive. It is set to be launched on August 21, Thursday. There is no confirmation yet if it would be rolled out on the App Store or Google Play but most analysts expect it to be available on both, just like how Flappy Birds was. It will come with a $0.99 in-app purchase choice so ads could be removed from the top of the screen.

The new mobile game to try

Swing Copters features an eight-bit world that requires users to tap their device’s screen to propel a bug-eyed creature through the designated gates as well as the swinging mallets. However, players would have the push the virtual character upwards, instead of side to side. As they do so, their goal should be to avoid getting hit by moving targets.

Players can earn points as well as clear levels if they succeed in attaining the goal. If you think it is too easy, you better think again. Surprisingly, the game can be really challenging, which may make it equally addictive especially to competitive players.

According to several reviewers who have tried playing the sample version of the game, getting through the designated gates would be very tricky. That is because there is a swinging hammer and the player has to control the bug-eyed creature, which wildly swings in different directions.

Pulled out game

Last August 1, Nguyen launched the ‘Flappy Birds Family,’ an iteration of the original popular game but only available exclusively on Amazon’s set-top box Fire TV and on its own Fire Game Controller.

Nguyen pulled out Flappy Birds in February. Back then, he apologized to the public who have been addicted to it. He thought it would not be good if enthusiasts neglect other aspects of their lives just for the game.

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