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‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Launches Its Spinoff, ‘Flappy Birds Family’

‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Launches Its Spinoff, ‘Flappy Birds Family’


‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Launches Its Spinoff, ‘Flappy Birds Family’

‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Launches Its Spinoff, ‘Flappy Birds Family’Are you among the numerous die-hard followers of ‘Flappy Bird’? If you are, then, you surely are waiting for the promised return of the mobile gaming sensation, which was pulled out from iOS and Android in February because its creator felt guilty that it became too addictive, it somehow ruined some people’s lives.

While you wait, here’s good news to keep your interest burning. The game’s creator, Dong Nguyen, has recently launched his new creation. Hold your breath because it is a spinoff of your favorite game. It is called ‘Flappy Birds Family,’ which to some may mean that ‘Flappy Bird’ is somehow back.

Interesting new features

‘Flappy Birds Family’ is a different game from ‘Flappy Birds.’ But as the name suggests, it features the very same friendly and engaging birds. Plus, there are the familiar green pipes that you may be yearning to see again. In addition, there is a new two-player option that may make some of its fanatics excited.

The new mobile game comes with incredible new features. Logically, it has more obstacles and a Person vs. Person mode. It is more fun but still very challenging to play. What’s more, it is now possible to play it with family or friends. Interestingly, most of the early reviews are all raves, but some of those emphasize that the new game is not too addictive as its predecessor, something that would somehow please its creator.

The bad news

However, before you jump from your seat to scream and celebrate, take some time to make way for a bad news. ‘Flappy Bird Family’ was exclusively launched in the Amazon Appstore for Android. Moreover, it is designed to only work (for now) with Amazon’s set-top box Fire TV as well as Fire Game Controller.

As of press time, there is no word yet if the game creator would have plans to bring the new game to Google Play or Apple Inc’s App Store. For sure, you want to keep your fingers crossed. But it should be understood that the game’s creator is preparing for the return of ‘Flappy Bird’ on Android and iOS.

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