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Flappy Bird Creator Confirms Return of the Game

Flappy Bird Creator Confirms Return of the Game


Flappy Bird Creator Confirms Return of the Game

If you are one of those iPhone users who regret not downloading the fad mobile game Flappy Bird before it was pulled out of App Store, you are up for a big surprise, and good news, of course. The creator of the game has confirmed that he would bring back the game. This time it is official.

Dong Nguyen today made the confirmation through his Twitter account. He did so through a series of tweets, which mostly are responses to fans who have been asking him about the game he created. This means that the popular bird would once again flap, but not anytime soon.

Announcement on Twitter

On his Twitter account, it was truly a delight to all Flappy Bird fans to hear straight from him that he would eventually re-release the mobile game in the App Store. However, there is so much to be read between the lines when he made the four-word response to a fan inquiry. In his own words, Nguyen said, “Yes. But not soon.”

Not surprisingly, some another excited fan asked him whether he had already made the mobile game available again in the app store. To that, he simply replied “Not yet.” He did not indicate any timetable about his plan to put Flappy Bird live again. But to most of the fans, it may be enough for now to know that the game would once again flap its way into the app store.

Rolling Stone interview

Earlier this month, Nguyen graced an interview with Rolling Stone. There, he simply said he was still ‘considering’ bringing back the mobile game into app stores. Now, this development would be a confirmation of Flappy Bird’s return. On the magazine interview, Nguyen also said he is not working on Flappy Bird’s new version. But he reiterated that on its re-release, it would come with a warning that it is an addictive mobile game to play.

Nguyen admitted that he pulled out the game because of too much media attention he was getting since Flappy Bird became popular. He said he was overwhelmed by it. He even regretted having caused some people to lose jobs and some parents to stop paying more attention to their children because they got too hooked with the mobile game. This may explain his decision to put a warning to the game upon its pending re-release in the future.

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