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First Vaio Phone Runs Windows 10; Launches Next Week

First Vaio Phone Runs Windows 10; Launches Next Week
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First Vaio Phone Runs Windows 10; Launches Next Week

Vaio is set to take on the public again after laying low for quite some time. The brand, which was originally owned by Sony, has been sold to its Japan Industrial Partners. The said brand is well known for its great laptops in the past, so the pressure might be on as the public might expect that they do the same for the upcoming smartphone.

The speculated device, which is still unnamed for now, is expected to be announced sometime next week as reported by Tech Worm.  The new Vaio Windows Mobile device comes with mid-range specifications and is set to target business users.

The upcoming Vaio Windows smartphone is also said to be running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 chipset. It will have an internal storage of 16GB and a 2GB RAM. The tech company added that the mobile phone would provide support for the operating system’s continuum mode.

The continuum mode, according to CNET, could be a great sell for the said Vaio Windows phone. It lets a user connect their Windows 10 device to a nearby monitor, mouse and keyboard in order to use it like a fully fledged Windows 10 PC. CNET also reports that another selling point of the confirmed future Windows mobile phone is its ability to run full Windows 10 application on a small screen.

Despite the limited details of its great specs and features, there are some facts that might be a bit depressing to some about the anticipated release of the said handset. One issue will be its targeted consumers which are business users, this fact alone make it seem like there will only be a limited supply for the Vaio Windows device. Another will be the issue of how much it would cost, since there will be a limited supply and the targeted audience are business users, the odds are, it might be a  more bit pricey than other handheld device for business use.

Aside from pricing, there is the issue involving the Windows 10 mobile OS. Right now, Microsoft is yet far from perfect and has a ton of problems that needs to be fixed. There is also the matter of Vaio not being able to provide after sales services like continuous updates and security patches in collaboration with Microsoft.

Unless both have a secret solution for this, the launching of the new Windows run Viao smartphone could be disastrous. For now no other details has been made available regarding the Vaio phone, it is also unclear whether the device will be making a debut outside Japan. The possibility is high enough as the Vaio Z Canvas tablet managed to make its way into the US and two other products from Vaio is set to arrive there in the next few months.

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