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‘Pokemon Go’ App Update Release Date & Features: Bug Fixes & Upgrades

‘Pokemon Go’ App Update Release Date & Features: Bug Fixes & Upgrades
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‘Pokemon Go’ App Update Release Date & Features: Bug Fixes & Upgrades

The much-awaited “Pokemon Go” App Update has finally arrived and has brought with it all the bug fixes and upgrades that one could possibly wish for!

“Pokemon Go” has taken the gaming world by a storm, and quickly become a favorite with the Android as well as iPhone users. Despite the game showcasing a number of unique features, gamers continued to complain about a range of concerning issues and glitches, the top of which was the lack of privacy.

“Pokemon Go” Problems

The initial version of the “Pokemon Go” required the app to access one’s entire Google account, a necessity most deemed inessential and hence, not comfortable with.

There was also the matter of repeated app crashes that set the player back to the login stage which was immensely irritating to all who experienced it.

“Pokemon Go” Version Update Release Date

This led people to request the makers of “Pokemon Go,” Niantic, to come up with a new version soon. Niantic has finally heeded everyone’s requests and come up with the first “Pokemon Go” App Update!

‘Pokemon Go’ Version 1.0.1 has hit the app store yesterday! Smartphone users can install the latest version of the game from Google Play Store and iPhone users can click here to do the same.

‘Pokemon Go’ Version 1.0.1 Features

Here are some of the upgrades and new features included in the latest version of “Pokemon Go”:

  • No more unrestricted access: Your privacy concerns have been answered! “Pokemon Go” will no longer have unlimited access to your Google account. According to Popular Science, the app will now have an extremely controlled view of your Google data.
  • More Stability: The app has also become a lot more stable that it initially started out as. The constant app crashes have been minimized and data retrieval procedure has been improved as well, reports Phone Arena. Google users, who had a 2-factor authentication switched on, no longer have to go through an extra step after the app happens to crash.
  • Pokemon Alerts: Gamers will no longer have to miss out on an opportunity to capture a rare Pokemon if it happens to show up when they are not playing. Just like most apps, they will be able to choose to receive notifications as soon as a new Pokemon is spotted on their radar.
  • Google Account Login Optional: Part of the privacy concern also stemmed from the fact that one could not play “Pokemon Go” without having a Google account. This has been altered in the recent version and now people will have the option of playing from an unrelated account altogether!

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